Frank Pepe’s New Haven, CT

Pizza nirvana @pepespizzeria , ’nuff said! We order 4 additional ones to go. 😛


Lou Malnati’s

Even though I was only on the ground in Chicago for less than 24 hours I had a to get a deep dish somewhere.#loumalnatis was in my sites. Ponied up to the bar and order a personal cheese. This size pie is the one offered in their lunch special so I have a feeling a bunch of these are made prior to the lunch rush. Mine was good but the crust seemed it might have been sitting under a heat lamp for a bit. Dont get me wrong, it was tasty, great sauce and cheese but the made to order larger ones I saw coming out of the kitchen gave me buyers remorse. Oh well I guess I have to plan a trip back to the Windy City.   😐


Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza

Pizza Style: NY Neapolitan
Venue Style: Midscale dining with mostly pizza offerings
Food Orders: Classic Cheese, Eggplant Marino, Paul & Young Ron
Beverage Orders: Cocktails & Beers
Lg Cheese Pizza: $22.00 (16″)
Attendees: Bobli, Ellios & Celeste
Guests: None

“Pizza well done.” This playful double meaning phrase is prominently displayed on the walls and on the menu.  The reasoning for it has to do with the consistency of cooking the dough throughout in a super-heated oven fired by – you guessed it – coal.  Coal allows an oven to reach temperatures in the 1000 degree range, which means that the pizzas cook more quickly and don’t have a chance to dry out.  This process provides the eater with a chewier crust, but the byproduct is that the pizzas seem to be cooked “well done.”  Many people find that the char on the crust adds to the depth of flavor in the pizza, and when mixed with classic fresh ingredients, the taste is unmistakable.  Anthony’s uses fresh dough, made daily, along with an assortment of other fresh ingredients that certainly come through in the taste.  However, while there are some bright spots to Anthony’s – there appear to be some holes as well. Continue reading