Pizza Style: Bar
Venue Style: Sit Down/Family Restaurant
Food Orders: Cheese, Pepperoni with Meat Sauce, Kevin Kiely
Beverage Choice: Domestic Beers
Lg Cheese Pizza: (10″) $8.50
Attendees: Boboli & Celeste
Guests: None

Holy Trinity (Oregano, Parmigiana, and Crushed Red Pepper): Available but not on the table.

It’s been about a year since we visited Town Spa – for the Guy’s first review of “Pub Pies” – so we decided to head into Brockton to the original Cape Cod Cafe.  As with Town Spa, and with Lynnwood Café, Cape Cod Cafe is a legend in the Pub style pizza world of New England.  While all claim to have the best pub pizzas – they can’t all be #1 – so we have taken the challenge to rank them.  Our official Town Spa review was left without a score because we felt it was only fair to judge these particular pizzas against each other and not against other types of pizzas.  Since the Pub style pizza is prepared and cooked a different way we thought it was best to let the style hold up against its competitors on their own.  Cape Cod is in the heart of Brockton, where it’s been for over 60 years, and is a very nice family atmosphere.  Continue reading


Pastoral, Fort Point, South Boston, MA

@PastoralFortPt has become a favorite spot of my coworkers.  The toppings are high quality, with some house made, and the crust is light and airy. Need to get this place on the Official Visit list. 🙂


Bertucci’s West Roxbury, MA

1 minute walk from home, great for kids, brick oven pizza; how can I not go? Always ask for it well done at this location. 😐