Frank Pepe’s Chestnut Hill

Pizza Style: Apizza (OG New Haven)
Venue Style: Midscale dining with only pizza offerings
Food Orders: Classic Cheese, Spinach, Mushroom & Gorgonzola – with Sausage, ½ Original Tomato & ½ Quattro Fromaggi (sans goat) & Classic Pepperoni
Beverage Choice: Pitchers of Moretti Beer
Lg Cheese Pizza: $18.50 (18”)
Attendees: Bobli, Ellios, Celeste & Tombstone
Guests: None

The Holy Trinity of accouterments was present on every table.

We know what you’re all thinking “What can the Guys say about Frank Pepe’s that hasn’t already been regurgitated by pizza enthusiasts a thousand times over?” Wait a sec…we’ve got one for ya, how about not living up to the hype! Now now, before all of you Frank Pepe’s fanatics lose your minds and collectively head out to lynch The Slice Guys, we feel that, given the prestige of Frank Pepes, an explanation is warranted here. Frank Pepe’s Chestnut Hill is the newest location in the Frank Pepe Empire. And of note, a few of the Slice Guys have had pizza from the original New Haven, CT location and the Manchester, CT location. We can attest that pizza from these locations is pure pizza nirvana. And is it the expectation set by these locations that we are basing our review of Frank Pepe’s Chestnut Hill.

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Frank Pepe’s New Haven, CT

Pizza nirvana @pepespizzeria , ’nuff said! We order 4 additional ones to go. 😛


Lou Malnati’s

Even though I was only on the ground in Chicago for less than 24 hours I had a to get a deep dish somewhere.#loumalnatis was in my sites. Ponied up to the bar and order a personal cheese. This size pie is the one offered in their lunch special so I have a feeling a bunch of these are made prior to the lunch rush. Mine was good but the crust seemed it might have been sitting under a heat lamp for a bit. Dont get me wrong, it was tasty, great sauce and cheese but the made to order larger ones I saw coming out of the kitchen gave me buyers remorse. Oh well I guess I have to plan a trip back to the Windy City.   😐