Town Spa Pizza

town spa logo
Pizza Style: Pub
Venue Style: Sit Down/Family Restaurant
Food Orders: 1 Cheese, 1 Sausage & Onion, 1 .5 Meatball, .5 Sardine, 1 Banana Pepper & Salami.
Beverage Orders: Beer
Lg Cheese Pizza: (10”) $7.55
Attendees: Boboli, Ellio, Tombstone & Celeste

There has been so much hype surrounding the infamous pizzeria Town Spa that the Guys just had to make an official trip out to Stoughton Massachusetts to check out the digs. Apparently, there are three Pub Pizza Kingdoms in this area, Town Spa, The Lynwood Cafe and the Cape Cod Cafe.  All claim to have the best pub style around. We will be the first to admit, the Slice Guys are relative newbies to the Pub style pie. As such there will not be an official Slice Rating in this review until The Slice Guys are able try all of these offerings. A few things you can know for now is that Town Spa is damn good, bring cash and ALWAYS order burnt ends. With that said, let’s move onto the juicy tidbits that you all admire so fondly. Continue reading


The Christo's Special :)

The Christo’s Special :)

The Christo’s Special Greek Pizza. Um…not sure what to say here because there isn’t anything wrong with this pizza. It’s perfect! I mean, this is just an Out and About review so the other guys might disagree with my decision here but considering that I am the one and only, highly beloved Tombstone, I say that Greek pizza simply does not get better than The Christo’s Special. I’m not completely certain why this pizza isn’t famous but I have to say that I’m glad that it’s not because I just want hoard it all for myself and I’m not a selfish kind of guy. This pizza makes me feel like Gollum in Lord of the Rings…..My precious!!!! If I see you with one I may just lead you to a giant spider to poison you so I can take it for myself :P Continue reading

A & N House of Pizza – WEST ROXBURY, MA

A&N is a hybrid pub/Greek style sorta. I would describe it as a “candy pizza” with a very sweet sauce and lots of buttery cheese. The down side is that they use Turdligs and their crust is pretty boring and bland. The large was small for $14 but it’s definitely a tasty novelty pie but nothing super duper in my opinion. I’d give it 3-3.5 slices on the slice-o-meter. Continue reading


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