Tony Boloney’s

Time for the annual Atlantic City Trip. I was down with Ellio’s and special guest Garden Pie (so many veggies). Yelp brought us to Tony Boloney’s, a takeout joint at the north end of the boardwalk. We were able to dine al fresco and watch cars being towed to clear the way for the Miss America parade. If you hit it hard the night before, Mr. Boloney’s has an extensive hangover menu not to mention erotic strombolis?!? We ordered a large cheese and dug in. Good melt, good thinness, sauce was a little too sweet/herbed for our liking. :|

IMG_7651 IMG_7652 IMG_7653 IMG_7654

Max and Leo’s

Pizza Style: Neapolitan
Venue Style: Casual, pub style – very small with limited seating and take out available
Food Orders: Margarita, L’Enza, Leonidas, The Mikey
Beverage Orders: Craft Beers
Lg Cheese Pizza: $12.95 (15″)
Attendees: Bobli, Tombstone & Celeste
Guests: Mr. Oregano

Aside from a from haunted picture frame (one hoisted itself from off of the windowsill and onto Tombstones lap without any outside interference, Zoinks!), Max and Leo’s was Excellent with a capital E. Loyal SG fanatics know that we have hit up a few AVPN certified Neapolitan style pizza establishment. We have been less than impressed with their offerings and upholding these very specific pizza standards. Where these places failed, Max and Leo’s prevailed. Continue reading

Virgilio’s Echo Bridge Restaurant

Pizza Style: NY Neapolitan/wood fired oven
Venue Style: Sit down old school family restaurant
Food Orders: Cheese & The Lightning Rod
Beverage Orders: Domestic Beer and jack and cokes
Lg Cheese Pizza: $9.00 (14″)
Attendees: Ellios, Tombstone & Celeste
Guests: None :(

In our opinion, there is no better way to celebrate and experience a culture than to dive mouth first into the traditional cuisine that ultimately shapes these well-known family traditions that all of us are so familiar with.  Given that ideology, “The Guy’s”, (Ellio, Celeste & Tombstone) decided to head out on this brisk Saint Patrick’s Day to do just that. On their endless quest for cultural enrichment and self-improvement they followed their noses, which led them to straight to Virilio’s Echo Bridge Restaurant located in Newton, Massachusetts. Continue reading


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